Student Ministry

Andy Lawrenson

is the student and ministry teams pastor at Nags Head Church in North Carolina. Andy has been in student ministry for 25 years as both a volunteer and a paid staff member. Andy and his wife, Misha, have been married for 28 years and have three children: a son in middle school and twin eight-year-olds, a boy and girl. Andy loves getting together with other youth pastors to talk about youth ministry, and he is involved in a local youth ministry network. Andy also enjoys speaking at student conferences and camps. He has been serving at Nags Head Church for 16 years with a great volunteer team.

Andy is a Youth ministry, church strategy specialist. With lots of humor and with life-changing insights, Andy can help your church define its goals, formulate a realistic plan, and (most importantly) truly come together as a team.


Andy brings his years of experience as a student pastor working with a great team of volunteers and his experience as a ministry team pastor at Nags Head Church, where 90% of their members are involved in ministry each week, and can clearly communicate action steps and plans to help your student ministry or church’s ministries as a whole navigate your way to the next level.

Doug Franklin, President

Andy’s passion for reaching the youth culture for Christ is evident in all he does. His speaking connects across generations engaging teens, their parents, and the wider Church community. Prepare yourself to be challenged because Andy tells it like it is, and challenges you to move beyond the status quo!

Dr. Matt Thomas
Camp Cale and Conference Center

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