Alex McFarland

Faith in Focus Speakers Bureau

I’m humbled and honored that Alex McFarland invited me to be one of the speakers for Faith in Focus.  I’m not a apologetic genius, I’m not a public figure, I’m not immersed in politics.  What I am is a guy who has been serving in the church for 25 years.  Both in the roles of Student Pastor and also as Ministry Teams Pastor.  In those years God has helped me grow in my knowledge of both student ministry and ministry…

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Core Truth #2 – The Virgin Birth – Part 2

The following “short” version of our Wednesday night youth group lesson is from Alex McFarland’s book, Stand.  Core Truths for an Unshakable Faith.  The bottom of this post contains some discussion questions for parents and their teens. Core Truth #2 – The Virgin Birth This is the follow up to Part 1 Common Objections to Belief in the Virgin Birth the first objection some scholars raise centers on the language of the Bible.  Some translations of  Isaiah 7:14 read “ a young woman…

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