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Faith in Focus Speakers Bureau

I’m humbled and honored that Alex McFarland invited me to be one of the speakers for Faith in Focus.  I’m not a apologetic genius, I’m not a public figure, I’m not immersed in politics.  What I am is a guy who has been serving in the church for 25 years.  Both in the roles of Student Pastor and also as Ministry Teams Pastor.  In those years God has helped me grow in my knowledge of both student ministry and ministry…

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Student Leadership

What’s in it for the church?

Keanae Congregational Church, Keanae, Maui, Hi. Whenever someone is trying to sell me one something I naturally ask “what’s in it for me?”.  Same goes with your church.  You may be in a church culture that has been solidly rooted in the idea that the staff does the ministry.  “I drop my money in the plate each week so we can pay you to be the one that stays up all night with the middle schoolers at a lock in.”…

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