Student Ministry

Changes in the Past Ten Years

I have been working with student for 26 years. In that time there has been changes in student ministry. Obviously things have to change as technology and society/culture change, I’m  not talking about changing the gospel but how it is delivered, how ministry takes place, etc. 
It used to take a clip art book, photocopier, glue, tape to make an event poster and if you wanted it to be fancy you copied it onto colored paper.  Time changes what we…

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student ministry

Changing how we do what we do

Part 2 of 3 part series.  You can find part 1 HERE In my last blog post I wrote about the changes in our kids lives due to the arrival of the iPhone in 2007. I posed the thought that student ministry isn’t like it used to be and doing student ministry the old way is not going to work with this and future generations. I’m not saying these things to be Negative Ned. I’m saying these things because we…

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Student Discipleship

Success by Numbers

Probably most of us in student ministry are serving in what we would consider a smaller youth group. I read recently an article that stated the average youth group is 60 students and 12 volunteers and 1.25 full time staff. I would venture a guess and say that most youth groups are between 25 to 50 students. 

I know we all want our student ministries to grow because that means students are coming to know Christ. Or does it? Some…

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My Mission, My Responsibility

If I told you that you could go on a mission trip each day where would you want to go?  My mind drifts to Hawaii at this point. If you knew you could wake up each morning and take a mission trip to a certain people group whom would you want to reach? Part of my responsibility as a parent is to teach Ty that Jesus Christ has called all of his followers to be on mission in their world.  This means…

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The Fringe and our Responsibility

So this past weekend in a 45 minute break out session with a bunch of youth leaders (most of which were volunteers in their church.  God bless those people! a few were paid youth workers and even had one that was paid and since he was the “hired” man let him do it all.  Yikes!) and in this 45 minute session we attempted to tackle 3 issues, without much success because you can’t tackle most of these topics of youth…

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