ParentingParents, the best gift you can give your kids for Christmas is faith lived out.

Your kids need to see faith in Jesus isn’t just a Sunday morning thing, it’s not a religious ritual. They need to see you struggle and how you lean on Jesus Christ for strength. They need to see you seeking God for direction in life.

Your kids need to see you living out your faith in your church community. They need to see that for you corporate worship is a priority, not out of religious duty but because you have a passion for the body of Christ and understand the importance of gathering together with other believers to worship the almighty God. They need to grow up understanding that corporate worship isn’t just another thing on an already busy calendar. They need to learn from you why your connection to the body of Christ is so important.

Your kids need to see you opening the Bible and spending time with God. You show your kids what a personal quiet time looks like. You share with them the “why?” behind your daily habit of spending time with God. They see how your time with God influences your life.


Your kids need to see you reaching out to others with the gospel. Who did you share the love of Christ with today? What mission trip or outreach are you going to be involved in with your church? Do they hear you pray for the salvation of others, specific individuals?


Let your kids see you serving in your church. Help your children to see that everyone who places their faith in Christ is given spiritual gifts to use in the church, serving the body of Christ. Serving isn’t a thing we do because we are “on the rotation” but because God has gifted us and we have a passion to serve others.


Your grand children, who you haven’t given much thought about, need you to disciple your kids. Your kids need you to help them discover faith and grow in faith. They need you to help them learn how to share their faith, how to pray, how to study God’s word, serve others. They need you to be the one who disciples them. You are their number one spiritual influence. Use this to your advantage in teaching them to follow Christ. Maybe this Christmas you could start by beginning the family habit of family devotions together.

Toys, electronics, cell phones, the latest video games are all great presents that will excite your child on Christmas morning but those gifts won’t last. Instilling faith and living out your faith for your family is a gift that will last into eternity.

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