Speaking Topics

Student Ministry

Building a Student Ministry Team

  • There are no lone rangers in student ministry
  • Where do I start?
  • The application process
  • Setting expectations for the team
  • Turning your adult volunteers lose to do ministry
  • Celebrating your victories

How our Student Ministry Team is Wired

  • Helping your staff/volunteers discover how God has shaped their lives
  • Discovering spiritual gifts, passions, abilities and personality
  • God uses our experiences to minister to others
  • Discovering your leadership type
  • Discovering your sweet spot in student ministry
  • Understanding that we are each different but function together

Developing a Discipleship Strategy for our Student Team

  • We are called to make disciples
  • Evaluating your current discipleship strategy
  • Discovering new possibilities in discipling students
  • Discipleship involves relationship
  • Reaching beyond your team for mentors

Developing partnership with parents

  • Discipleship starts at home
  • Discovering parents goals for their child
  • Discovering your ministry’s goals for your students
  • Joining forces to grow students to become fully devoted followers of Christ
  • Making it work. Creating a structure

Developing a student ministry

  • So you want to hire a youth pastor
  • Determining a salary package
  • Setting expectations
  • Setting your student ministry’s purpose
  • Supporting the youth pastor
  • Allowing the youth pastor to lead

Whole Church

Transitioning from Committees to Teams

  • Moving your church from committees who talk about ministry to teams that do ministry
  • Creating a structure and system for ministry teams to be successful and grow
  • Helping God’s people discover the joy found in serving
  • Reminding the church that we are all to be ministers


Andy can share messages about serving, following, sharing your faith, growing deeper roots, discovering your SHAPE. Andy loves to encourage the church to grow and to move forward with vision, clarity and purpose.



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